Living Room

Modern Small Beautiful Living Room Design

Living room is the central area of a house, where all the family activity happens, either just chatting or watching television. Plus, this is where the area we usually welcome and hang out with our guests. Therefore, the living room design should have the biggest area of all the other rooms. However, if we have a small house, automatically we have to manage well the room partition. And finally, we have to face the fact that we’ve only got a small area of the living room. But, there are always ways to optimize the limitation, and make the small room look more spacious.

First, you have to get rid of all the unnecessary stuffs inside the house. Prioritize the items that are frequently used by the home occupants. Unnecessary items can be anything, either small sculptures, chandelier, wall hangings and even big cabinets or shelves. Therefore, consider choosing multi-functional and practical furniture, such as wall shelves, sofas or coffee table that has built-in storage.

Choose the furniture that has minimum design or less ornaments. Avoid having big furnitures, because they will simply make the small living room feel narrower. The sofa is the main fixture of the living room, so make sure that you pick a set of sofa that is comfortable enough to be sit. Psychologically, a comfortable sofa will make people who are in the living room getting distracted of the small area of the living room, because they feel comfortably at ease sitting in such a sofa.

The television is the second most important thing in the living room. Therefore, to ensure that the quality of comfort of the living room, place a TV multi-function TV stand that can perfectly facilitate the television and also as the storage for the sound system or your DVDs collection. Thus, beside having a nice place to enjoy the quality time with your family by watching television together, you can also keep the living room neat and clean.

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