Sauna Design

Modern Sauna Trends

Avoid the sage of Lexan acrylic for your doors because it might get washed away very easily gradually with time. Go with wooden or double layered bamboo that shall incorporate durability and style within its bounds.

Using friction ball, roller or magnetic touches is the only choice to avail; having hinges might just create a future disaster. Your modern rock chamber would always call for greater efficiency within a smaller model.


A model which quickly burns less wood, a fire brick wall with extended neck and mounted fire-boxed door could bring a futuristic flair. With the latest and advanced designing techniques, you can now fit an extremely modern Sauna kit anywhere you want without wasting extra space

Turn it into an ideal oasis with flexible kit that could be easily assembled and reassembled for your needs. You could even place it in your basement and boost elegance with incorporating wooden armchair, towel accessories and a wide closet outside.

A wooden cased tub with stylish faucets and integrated candles would be the complementary feature to your dream Sauna design, which could rejuvenate the spirit of modernism.

Inject your kit with vibrancy and energy through the ultra modern Saunas that combine aesthetic feel with extreme functionality.

Therapeutic experience is guaranteed with quality exposed beams are fitted in the ceiling while the exterior is inspired by Italian décor.