Modern Office Interior Design Ideas

Modern office interior design is one of the “best-selling” office interior concept that’s widely applied. Your office design affects your mood and your working performance. The definition will be further if we include the opinion of your office mates or clients who come into your office room.

Even though, an interior concept, either it’s housing or commercial space, is just a matter of the taste, the modern interior design will always be suitable in everybody’s eyes. Therefore, applying a modern office interior design in your office, will slightly give something distinctive for every positive opportunity that enters your office.

The rectangular design or so-called the box shape, integrated with neutral tones with bright color as an accent, is the fundamental concept in the modern office interior design. As the “box” fixtures, choose a simple-designed work desk and chair with no ornamental. To enhance the modernistic feel inside the office, apply wallpaper with vertical lines motif on one side of the walls.

Forget the roller blinds or curtains. Now you have the electric glass to beautify and modernize the look of your office. The electric glass is a glass controlled by the electricity that can turn it from being transparent into opaque. Therefore, its function is similar with the blinds or curtains which is to block the incoming light and give a privacy to a room. The electric glass is highly recommended to be integrated in the door or the interior window of your office to give an open look.

The natural decorative element is not only plants, you can also add water as the main natural decorative element in your modern office interior design. Apply a glass or granite flowing water in one side of your office walls. To make it look more dramatic, add spot lights in the floor pointing at the water wall.

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