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Modern Japanese Home Interior Design

Japanese culture is known as a country that has a great creative spirit. As well as about the home design. The minimalist house concept that we know nowadays is notably inspired by the Japanese traditional house design, which is characterized by the simplicity and openness. The modern minimalist Japanese interior home design is not less interesting than the one in European countries. It would be very useful, if you are among those who have the soul of art and the desire to have an artistic minimalist house which is also environmentally friendly.

The modern Japanese home interior design is not too different than the traditional one. It still has the openness, the Zen-like landscaping and natural materials. These principles simply bring the real aesthetic, artistic and natural value to the modern Japanese interior design, without many decorations and clutters.

The openness is the main focus of the Japanese home interior design. If you are aware that the close furnitures positioning is the Western home interior characters, the Japanese has the opposite principle. Furnitures are placed far apart each other and The open space is the priority, which brings its advantages to the home interior, such as the room feels more spacious and the interior ambience is very light.

The modern Japanese home interior design doesn’t forget its authenticities. It still preserves the utilization of traditional Japanese interior decors such as Tatami mat (a traditional Japanese mat made of rice straw) and Shoji or Fusuma screens (rice paper screens used to separate rooms). These authentic stuffs will slightly give the best Japanese impression to your interior.

The selection of Japanese house materials is also important. The Japanese prefer using the natural materials such as bamboo, timber carpentry and natural stones. The bamboo is usually used as the flooring and wall option. Timber is meant to be the material for the house structures. The natural stones can be integrated into the bathroom or walkway flooring.

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