Swimming Pool

Modern Infinity Swimming Pool Design Ideas

The presence of a swimming pool in the house might not be as important as the presence of the home garden, due its function is only as a home recreational or sport facility. However, the presence of a home swimming pool could tighten the relationship among the home occupants, plus they don’t need to go out to do a recreation often.

Since the modern times influence everything in human life, the design of the swimming pool is also adjusted to the necessity of the urban society. Finally, here it comes one sophisticated swimming pool design which describes a stunning ambience of a modernity, which is named The infinity swimming pool.
The infinity swimming pool has a design which is similar to its name, infinity. This pool design is really different to the pools that we widely know. Because it has no edge wall, the water can flow repeatedly into the basin and recirculated back into the pool.

The infinity pool has been widely applied in the rooftop level of the luxurious apartments of hotels in big cities. Surrounded by breathtaking views of skyscrapers and approached the skyline, you’ll feel simply as if you were flying.

Basically, this pool model clings the similar shape and model of the ordinary pool models, which is ranging from rectangular or curve shape. But what differentiates it is the edge of the pool which is edgeless, thus you see the water keep flowing down to the basin. This is the main selling point of the infinity pool.

Here are some steps to guide you make the infinity pool;

1. Apply the tiling to divide the three wall edges. The last edge should be laid out below the water level. This part is where the water flows out and circulated back into the pool.

2. The next step is to prepare the gunite dough, which is a mixture of cement and sand. Integrate the dough into the nozzle right under the pool.

3. The infinity pool usually uses plumbing that has 3/8 inch rebars 10 inches apart. Cover it with the gunite.
4. As the final step, let the dough dry which spends about a week. After that, finish the pool with the plaster.