Interior Design

Modern Fireplace Ideas

The extremely Modern Fireplace can be known by the addition of hovering orb fire pits. This design is brilliant for cozy get together in winters; and can create a focal point within your social circle probably being the hot topic in discussion.

With its multi-functional capability of being easily maintained, efficient heating and above all 360 degree rotation would let you turn it up to any side. Anthracite grey and jet black colors are the most famous palette.

If your modern apartment is not very large then, placing it over a coffee table or making an integrated wall base is the perfect option to avail.

Fantastic futuristic fireplaces could be characterized by the installation of Tractor beam fire panels which have suspended fireplaces allowing you to boast about of it is levitating in mid-air without any noticeable wiring.

Orbital basket infernos are an amazingly modern feature to add to your room; because of its sleek unique modernistic beauty.

A ring shaped stainless steel fireplace covered by special glass material could enclose fire shots outside near the swimming pool. Such unique fixture is difficult to find and if incorporated in your house; would certainly be the focal point for all your gatherings.

The hybrid furniture fireplaces are a modern luxurious item that could allow you to sit and relax within one unit while enjoying the essential warmness of the fireplace.