Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Gone are those days when the Bathroom was only used for one single purpose. Lately it’s common for many customers to reflect their lifestyle and interests through the wall embellishments and unique furnishings of their bathroom.

The very latest ceramic tile technology could be the ideal reflection of modern bathroom designs. Textural stone finishes, organic timber planks and even the double layered bamboo flooring are the contemporary styles to opt for.

Finishing these with gold or metallic effects is another way to add aesthetic feel and a cohesive environment.

The modern bathroom also incorporate false ceiling for an extra aesthetic feel, with pendent lights or hanging chandeliers upon the wooden beams. Bubble massage bath with a wonderful spa experience could be the focal point of your bathroom ensuring modernity.

With numerous air filled bubbles and relaxing head support delivers comfort of the next level. The most beautiful and exquisite amongst all the trends are the spa features many customers have started to opt for.

Having an own personal spa experience is the dream of many girls. With features ranging from rain showers, pedicure manicure area with inbuilt related equipments in the walls and extendable armchair for facials could be the perfect area for you to relax.

A modern bathroom would further ensure that all furnishing equipments harbor every other facility ranging from maximum storage space to latest hardware fixtures.