Modern Asian Home Bedroom Design Ideas

The home concept of Asian-themed design is one of the most unique concept of home designs to be applied in your home. You can apply this concept into one of the most important parts of the house, the bedroom. The Asian style will make the bedroom doesn’t only look beautiful, but also gives a unique characteristic into the nuance of the bedroom in order to make you feel more comfortable being in it.

To apply the Oriental concept into the bedroom, you can first choose the coloring options for the bedroom. Mix and match the colors that are typical Oriental style. For example, the Chinese color theme is usually dominated by red. Well, you can design your bedroom by integrating red as the dominant color, the rest, you can use one to two colors applied into the bedroom decorative ornaments as the accentuation. For the Chinese, red means the color that symbolizes happiness and prosperity. Therefore, The Chinese interior design is identical by the application of the red color.

To anticipate that the red wouldn’t give the impression of heat that makes you sleepless at nights, it would be better to combine it with neutral colors such as brown. Brown is not only able to reduce the negative effects of red, but it is also a color that can create the natural element.

Apply dark brown color through the presence of the bedroom furniture such as beds, console tables, and cabinets that are designed with Chinese typical motifs. Next, mix with the Chinese-themed ornaments such as red cherry blossom flowers, wall hangings, and a bamboo plant in the corner of the room.

For the flooring selection, to support the color matching of the entire room, which is red and brown, it would be better yo integrate parquet flooring which has natural brown color. In addition to functioning as the color decor, the parquet flooring also contributes to the enhancement of the entire room nuance.

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