Minimalist Tropical Garden Design Ideas

The increase of the population affects the decrease of the space to be habited. Therefore, many property developers get around it by designing minimalist design, either for the houses or the apartments. It also affects the presence of the in-house garden.

If it’s referred by the concept, the minimalist garden design and the minimalist house design have the same principle of the concept, which is characterized by the the presence of the vertical and horizontal lines in the design of the minimalist house and garden design.

Given the concept of the garden is minimalist, the minimalist garden usually has less decoration or ornament. Therefore, the garden will seem so clean, neat and simple. To enhance the atmosphere of the garden, it’s ok to integrate natural stones as the garden complementary element.

However, for those of you who want a different and unique minimalist garden design, especially for you who love a garden embellished by the tropical plants, you can combine the minimalist garden design with the tropical garden theme.

You have to find a way to combine these two garden concepts into one beautiful garden concept. The minimalist garden concept tends to have a rigid monotonic style due to the domination of geometric lines which makes it lack of the element of plants. While the tropical garden design has an opposite look of the minimalist garden design. The tropical garden is characterized by the richness of the decorations and plants. When you are at it, you’ll slightly feel “wet”. You can see in the tropical garden design that there are a small fountain, a fish pond, and many kinds of exotic tropical plants.

After all, you don’t to be confused to combine these two different garden concepts. First, keep the minimalist concept in the garden, the geometric lines or the structure of the garden. But, you just have to integrate the tropical elements by adding the tropical plants, such as hoyas, banana trees, ferns, orchids and bamboo trees.

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