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Metallic Look For Kitchen Colors

Kitchen colors  are dominated with monochromatic, metallic, and modern colors. Having a good kitchen is not tricky to have if you know the right way to bring the paint color.


The color in the cooking area is not only defined through the selection of wall, flooring and ceiling but also the furniture and accessories. All of them should be available in harmonious tones. The color in a kitchen is not only great to accommodate the cooking activity. You can study, entertain the guests, gather and read your newspaper in the kitchen wonderfully.

Before you pick the color trend to apply in the kitchen, you should decide the mood that you like to perceive. If you want sophisticated feel in the kitchen colors you can choose the combination of black and white. Don’t forget to add a touch of shining effect from the bronze, silver and glass furniture pieces.

If you want warm and cozy feeling, the earthy tones like rust, creamy, beige, taupe, tan, desert brown and gray are great to apply in the cooking area. They can deliver the natural feeling without eliminating the professional feeling.

The cheerful shades are accentuated by the presence of blue, yellow and red accent. Don’t use too much red for it can make the room busy. You can go with stainless steel appliances if you want to carry the modern feeling. It can be combined with icy white to provide the cool feeling in the kitchen.

If you want to deliver the warm sense, the combination of orange, yellow and red is good. Avoid stainless steel or any metal furniture. As alternative, you can select the wooden brown furniture pieces. The dark colors are great to bring romantic feeling. If you want casual look, you can choose light kitchen colors.

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