Interior Design

Mediterranean Interior Design Ideas

Mediterranean classics can be a wonderful way to remodel your home interior because of its sophisticated designs and unique elemental combinations.

A transitional foyer can seem to feel rather wide by the use of horizontal striped tiles and the meeting hallway can be characterized by tile floor pattern leading you to the backyard.

Commonly known Mediterranean design is the placement of white-and-black staircase just on the entry way. Gold and burgundy colors in the living room can be a good beginning to pull off the Mediterranean look.

An area rug can be wow factor in your living room for combining the excessive color palettes together in a cohesive form. Convenient storage can also be assured in the base of vibrant banquette and further spice up this area with colorfully patterned pillows.

Categorize a special corner for breakfast and embellish its beauty through Mediterranean features characterized by arched entrance, rustic ceiling fan and cane blinds. Storage galore with cabinets flanking can be a brilliant way for storage and adding a classical elegant touch.

The kitchen can be wonderfully decorated with Moroccan-styled backsplash and wrought iron-pot rack for bringing back the Mediterranean look.

Let your foyer be decorated with tiles in an integrated pattern, to bring a sophisticated look. Upstairs, base can be brilliantly floored with rustic vintage wooden tiles and embellishments like chandeliers and lanterns can be hanged on the ceilings for a complete Mediterranean look.