Home Design

Mediterranean Home Design

The exterior of the house is a brilliant way to magnetize the whole neighborhood. A stone exterior wall is a perfect Mediterranean look featuring uneven stone wraps with an organized brick wall header.

The main architectural elements you certainly shouldn’t miss are the arched windows, entryway tower and elegant vector windows.

European details are greatly inspiring the Mediterranean designs because of its timeless and classy appearance.

Let your kitchen showcase the brilliant French-country character through tiled-arched backsplash and an armoire-styled cabinet lined with curtains. Adorn the beauty of the room through setting up trio-iron lanterns and Moroccan-styled backsplash to emphasize on the ideal Mediterranean nature.

Your living room can be spruced up by decorating it with Moroccan-styled pillows or wallpaper to bring a diverse lively atmosphere.

Combine unique and rich elements of surprise within your cozy room; by decorating its wall with bamboo textures, choosing leather for bed fabrics and rustic wood as an element to pace up the place.

Your backyard can be an ideal way to bring out the Mediterranean flavor; featuring the wooden sitting area covered by stone piers and supported by columns can be a vintage revival. Further adore you backyard, by planting a colorful tree so you and your family could sit and relax within its shades on a pleasant evening.