Storage Design

Media Storage Design

Organizing your Media Room can be a challenging yet productive business. However if rightly done so, can bring you ease when you have to fetch your favorite CD or have to store appliances so they don’t overflow the room’s space.

In-built cabinets with gliding drawers and sliders are initially what are best for stacking CDs and home-videos so you could see them anytime you want to.

It’s probably best for these to be designed around TV however don’t forget to arrange ventilators and insulator plugs because eventually they’ll heat up the walls. Mounting speakers and TV to the wall is a smart move. Complement this storage with the beauty of rustic wooden floor.

Hang a shelf above your TV for a stylish way to store accessories to make your room look trendy.

Choose a simple entertainment center to hide all what we call the “ugly stuff” consisting of the wires and plugs behind a sliding door.

The old factory windows can create a sleek industrial look that’ll look simply brilliant for the media room.

Design a stylish console that not only incorporates the TV but also anchors books needed when you’re free. With ample storage and open shelving one can store all the necessary accessories which once roamed around the media room like a clutter.