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Media Room Design

Ranging from a valuable family sitting place to entertaining home theaters; design your media rooms to reflect your needs and interests so you could relax after a long tiring day.

Basements are these days usually made for entertainment and relaxation space. Categorize your basement with a clever layout featuring a wonderful sitting space to enjoy the LED screen, a playful area with a snooker table and a bar to freshen up.

A rectangular shade hanged on the ceilings creates a cohesive environment. However do not forget to complement this sophisticated media room with neutral color palettes for an open yet bright space.

Your boring and old-fashioned living room can be remodeled for a mix-media room for spending some valuable family time.

Panel the room with rustic wood and sofas that are covered in Italian fabric. An in-built library behind the TV screen gives a wonderful look and can be complemented with under shelf LED lighting.

Some men like to remodel their study in to a peaceful media room without any fuss; for a luxurious serene time.

The paneled stone fireplace below hidden cabinet TV creates a warm sensation and to complement this, bamboo floors guarantee you a bright look. A white comfy armchair and a coffee table harboring ivory and teak box create a sensation like no other.