Sauna Design

Master Sauna Designs

A slim line-inspired Sauna door could bring aesthetic feel to the whole kit. With its paneled wooden design to tinted glass window for privacy; it reveals the tranquillity hidden behind. Be sure not to ship your sauna rocks, because of their high cost.

Obtaining them locally is the wisest choice. Removable ash pan could be utilitarian in nature while a large capacity of rocks could create efficient kit.

A master Sauna incorporates complete luxury and features that could completely put your mind to ease. With combing sauna, spa and shower within one roof you could achieve your dream destination in your home.

Wood, steel and glass are the essential materials used in the building of this area which inter-mingles the senses for a wonderful music, aroma and water elemental experience. Led lights beneath benches and an in-built screen upon the wall makes you chose any sort of program and lighting feature to match your mood.

A shower in between these perfectly designed symmetrical Saunas is fitted with variety of shower equipments which could wash your cares away.

Let your baskets be cased with striped stainless steel casing and your stove to be complemented with a wonderful mosaic backsplash.


Towels and accessories could be harbored in an inbuilt gliding drawer that removes all the clutter away from your master sauna design.