Interior Design

Master-Mix Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a fun decorative accent that can add a lot of style to any room, and on top of it all, they make everything oh so much more comfy. When choosing a combination of throw pillows, don’t panic, here are some basic rules that can guide your throw pillow mixing.

1. One pattern and one solid is a simple mix that says a lot, and is easy to pull together. Use opposite colors such as orange and blue for some added drama.

2. One big pattern with one small pattern goes just a little bit further than tip 1. When it comes to the smaller pattern, the pattern can be so small that it almost looks like a solid.

3.  Choose a base of primary colors, and go wild with the shapes. Stick to reds blues and yellows, and choose pillows of whichever sizes and shapes you please.4. While you may automatically think that different florals clash, anyone who’s visited England knows that you can never pair enough florals together. If the pairing looks a bit off to you, just add another floral to create a more eclectic look.

5. If you stick to the same color palette, you can incorporate as many different patterns as you like. Just make sure you have one palette as the common denominator.

6. Tip 6 is pretty simple: free for all. Just have fun with your pillows. Mix as many colors, shapes, fabrics and patterns as you want. While this may sound wacky, trust us…it works.