Master Bathrooms

A wonderful idea to adopt is the extended Bathroom Design which covers almost every aspect in an extremely aesthetic order. With a gigantic room, complemented by titled ceilings and an entrance pathway one can surely imagine a dream bathroom like no other.


Let one side of the pathway is decorated by a large mirror accompanying a dressing space with cane chairs for a next level powder room effect.

Wall sconces and candle light fixtures upon the marble countertop could increase the effective styling capability of this wonderful bathroom entrance.

However the best part would start with the bathroom tub unit fixed beside wonderfully treated window with silk drapery to give the owner natural view at all times. A wooden stool could be accommodated upon the sides with colorful sceneries above it to give a wonderful effect.

This master bathroom is inspired by the royal era where a giant bathroom divided in two categories was particularly trendy and extremely chic.

Eccentric master bathrooms integrated with French décor is one of the most amazing looking masterpieces ever created.

With black-and-white striped wallpaper and a wooden framed circular mirror above honed marble countertops; one certainly experience the time of his life. Roman key fabric drapery over the windows could achieve a timeless effect complementing the antique brass hardware and accessories throughout the bathroom.