Landscape Design

Mailbox Design Ideas

Tired of your old Mailbox or still looking for something out of the box to install outside your house? Here are a few idea for mailboxes that are different and amazing at the same time.

Go for a unique British look, have your mailbox made of stone bricks of a light grey-beige colour that arch at the top.

Or you could go creative with a mailbox that looks like an envelope. A white envelope with a rich red hood installed outside your door would surely leave an impression

If you are a homely person, you can use your personality as an inspiration behind your mailbox design and go for a mailbox that’s shaped like a little house standing on two wooden stilts.

Add details like windows and brick linings on the roof. Finish off with a door at the front.

That’s where your mail goes in from. No matter how small, everything you pick for your house is a reflection of you.

A sculpted arm emerging from the ground holding a mailbox in its hand gives a truly artistic look that would leave any passerby as well as the mailman in awe. It’s also something only you would have on the whole block.