Luxury Classic Kitchen Backsplash Design

Luxury classic kitchen design always simply refers to the eternal elegance of the classic interior theme. The kitchen is such a distinct space in a house to be applied by the classic design. And, you can even make it more exceptional by remodeling your kitchen by applying classic-theme backsplash.

The presence of the backsplash in kitchen is sometimes underestimated due to its “little scale” of usage in the kitchen. In fact, the right selection of the backsplash motif, especially the classic motif style, could slightly turn your simple kitchen into a luxury classic kitchen design.

The tiles are the main material to be the kitchen backsplash. Its motif and texture can simply protect the kitchen walls from the cooking process. In addition to protecting, the backsplash is meant to beautify the look of the kitchen. Therefore, in order to achieve a luxury classic kitchen design, you need to choose well the tiles reflected the classic theme.


The first motif that comes up in order to get a luxury classic kitchen design is, of course, the traditional backsplash tiles. This usually comes with the images of food stocks like bread, vegetables, chicken, meat, etc… This motif is one of the simplest backsplash motifs to be applied the classic style in your kitchen.


There is nothing better to decorate the walls than the mural. Yes, the mural is one of the most artistic choices to beautify your backsplash of luxury classic kitchen design. The mural backsplash also can simply be the focal point of the kitchen. However, don’t let the motif of the mural backsplash overpower the entire look of the kitchen.


The last backsplash motif to beautify a luxury classic kitchen design is the mosaic tile. This might be the most complicated yet artistic backsplash motif ever made. Because it requires a lot of small cut tiles, and then they are arranged one by one, just like a puzzle.

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