Luxurious Modern Classic Interior Bedroom Decorating Ideas

In any kind of house designs, bedroom has its own place to be having a special attention from the home owners. The bedroom is where you can relieve all the fatigue of the daily activity, therefore you need to have a nice and comfortable bedroom design to ensure your rest quality.

The modern design might be one of the most popular designs nowadays due to its simplicity, but why don’t you improve it to achieve more attractive and warmer bedroom design by also applying the classic concept. Yes, it’s the modern classic bedroom design that we’re talking about. This hybrid concept is such one of the most unique idea to be incorporated into your bedroom.

Combining these two concepts is not a difficult thing to do. Here are the steps to apply the modern classic bedroom design :

1. Apply the color with the modern color application which features neutral colors such as brown, beige or white into the bedroom foundation element (wall, floor and ceiling). The neutral tones, which is the modern design application, is best suited for the creation of the bedroom ambience that should be calm and relaxing

2. The classic touch can be integrated into the selection of the furnishings. The classic concept is integrated with a complicated furniture design that is composed of many carvings and solid wood materials. Choose the dressing table and a closet that has a natural wood color with carved ornaments. The bedding is also designed with the classic concept. The texture of the bed frame is recommended to match with the other bedroom furniture. The classic bedroom concept usually uses a single-layered bed with a carved ornament bed frame underneath.

3. The flooring design can be integrated with the modern concept, which usually applies marble tile with pale color to match with the interior theme. Don’t forget to add a small rug right under the bed sides.

4. To strengthen the ambience of the room, place the bedroom accessories which can come in a form of paintings, sculptures or carved photo frames.

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