Living Room

Living Room Trends

Infuse fresh life in to your Living Room with dazzling color trends. Make your living room look spectacular by placing prehistoric sculpture and artifacts to bring about a traditional feel.

Fusion of furniture by contrasting color palettes is essential to accomplish consistency within the bounds of the room.

Trending enormously this year is the glamorous Hollywood touch of 30’ and 40’s where the living room is massively decorated with antique, lots of gold and metallic textures. Bring an unexpected “aha” from your guests by installing elegant fixtures, accent wall and cushions or a printed rug.

Inject liveliness in to your living room by applying vibrant hues against the deep black and white drop.

Earthy vibe to your living room would be popular for some to time to come, and give the living room a warm feeling through natural and stone floor tiles contrasting with similar shades of drapery as a wonderful window treatment.

Add a futuristic and energetic flare to the room by the use of patterned walls and floral borders.

In the world filled with busy schedules one needs a place to DE-stress and relax; new design in the markets plan your living room in a way that can bring a cheerful sense of whimsy. Botanical motivated features are in vogue next summer!