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Living Room Light Fixtures

Living Room is the place for valuable family time and social gatherings. Often do we see living rooms being extremely simple however look brilliant just because of the perfect Lighting Fixtures! If the lighting done is blending with the theme, illuminates the necessary fixtures and is wonderful in its own way; makes the living room a focal point among the whole house.

Create layers of lighting through which you can elimination of shadows and different spaces being focused upon independently.

A double glass chandelier on the top illuminates the centre while shining blurred lighting throughout the rest of the space, double wall sconces on the wall provides soft light accents around the fireplace and the above mirror and the floor lamp placed beside the seating area provides task lighting.

In this way the living room could be the perfect place for any sort of activity!

If your living room is an extension of your kitchen, then don’t forget to mount wall sconces just beside the fireplace mantelpiece for a brilliant effect.

A textured border mirror in between with enclosed seasonal fireplace hidden by chairs during off seasons; brings out an aesthetic appeal.

The most hard to beat lighting fixture is the recessed lighting which offers functional unmatchable capability to illuminate all the room without any exaggeration.