Living Room

Living Room Color Schemes

A fearless approach to apply towards your Living Room is the combination of Kelly green, Brick Red and earthy brown. This combination leads the way in order to ensure a valuable time for the family members. Establish a categorized space for reading; like the window seat which can be embellished by the Moroccan diamond prints.

The curtains, pillows & poufs could be the ones adopting the risky green color. Stone wall could harbor TV equipment to mingle the country look with modern aesthetic appeal.

Give your traditional home a fresh update through combining Peachy yellow, oatmeal and Chartreuse in order to add a warm sensation. White trim and beaded board, conventionally old furniture structures and vintage accents could freshen up your boring traditional living room.

Continuity and complete furnished renovation is guaranteed through a sturdy base of the room made certain by the mixture of color palettes. A friendly countryside atmosphere can be created through mixing the Citron Green, Wheat beige and Driftwood brown.

The green shade is incorporated simply upon the walls and even as floral highlighter in the drapery. The brown shade is integrated within the coffee table and sofas while the cushions could be complemented with the beauty of beige hue.

The best combination to go for, which is many people’s favorite, is the blue shade effect. Cerulean Blue upon the wallpaper and artwork upholstery could be dramatic way to take risks with colors.

 Mid-tone khaki on the side table balances upon the bold nature of dark blue shades.