Lighting Fixtures

Light Trends

The Light Trends are extremely aesthetic in nature and are the focal point for your guests to gaze upon. The wall-sculpted illuminators are an enlightening feature to your modern living room for an interior significance.

A stem opening up in a flower type shape could harbour LED light giving the wall a 3D dimensional feel. Carpeted floor and pure white rug would certainly complement this beautiful upcoming trend.

As this year looks generally are expected to be dominated by circular frag-mental fixtures, then the globe chandelier is the perfect choice to hang in your dining room or study. With white color and precise cut-work within this chandelier, elegance is truly achieved.

The girly rooms always have this space for bulbs that could reflect their lifestyle and give a part feeling whenever they spend time in it with their friends.

The DIY Phosphorescent light bulbs have the multi-functional capability to be illuminated without electricity in times when it’s dark; a perfect choice for your daughter’s sleepovers.

In the same room you could even have an aesthetic element through handmade marquee lights which shall prepare you for the awaited future fame.

The kitchen space is the reflection of the house these days since it became the famously recognized heart of the house. LED lighting under cabinets gives a whimsical feeling that is complemented by the cook top that also has inbuilt illuminating features.