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Even if your Windows are nothing to rave about, there are a variety of ways to make them special. Flowing folds of fabric make the appropriate window attire for many decorating occasions, but don’t forget many other windows of opportunity that open up for you when you consider shades, shutters and blinds.

In each case, cording that runs through vertical lengths of ring tape raises and lowers the shades.

Some room schemes benefit from a no-frills window dressing. If you’re composing a contemporary setting, the crisp geometry of a shade or shutter steps right in line with the look. The two most popular types of shades are balloon shades and Roman shades.

Trim and tailored Roman shades feature flat panels where as full and graceful balloon shades are characterized by billowy folds of fabric that raise in scalloped poufs.

An organza shade softens the sun’s rays while on the other hand from a different perspective; try a ‘down-up’ Roman shade.

The shade rises from the windowsill on cords so you can let the sun shine but retain privacy or block on uninspiring view.

Although a room scheme sometimes dictates the type of window dressing you choose, windows themselves can be demanding things. Often shades, blinds and shutters are used a can’t-go-wrong starting point.