Living Room

Latest Living Room Trends

Planning Living Room can be challenge especially when you have an extended kitchen to look after too. An arched opening with painted artwork and embellished glass beads can surely turn your boring living room into an energetic pleasure.

A grand foyer that joins your living room can be decorated with black-and-white childhood pictures and prehistoric sculptures would look royal and magnificent.

A narrow hallway leading to your living room if painted with zigzag wooden design will impress your guests without any doubt.

Guarantee yourself with modern luxury through marble flooring and leather sofas; complemented with the latest high tech facilities.

Floating shelves can be a futuristic flair to your living room and can be adorned with our favorite accessories. Leather sofas are not only there to make your living room look extra modern but also to make sure you have the most comfortable TV dinner time.

The latest trends call for minimal furnishings within your room; which could then bring the highlight upon the floors and furnishings.

The best way is to go for bamboo flooring which isn’t only free of so many problems; but surely brings out a look like no other. Choose a simple artwork like a painting or a bulging element for a brilliant look.