Landscape Garden Decorating Ideas

The garden is a refreshing element for a house. No matter how big or small the home you have. Here are some tips to create a garden in your home :

Determine the theme

Before determining which plants will be purchased, you must determine the overall garden theme. There are many garden themes you can choose, such as cottage, Japanese, tropical, minimalist and many more. The theme chosen should be adjusted to the garden dimension. If the garden is not too large, you’d better choose a more simple theme, such as minimalist theme that has little detail in its design.

Prepare the installation

At the beginning of the garden construction, don’t forget to set the installation first. The installation and the positioning of the electricity and water must be placed a safe place and away from each other.

The plants selection

In order that the plants can grow well, you must thoroughly sort out the plants that will suit with the circumstances and conditions of the soil and the climate. Don’t forget, you also have to find plants that suit with the garden theme. For example, in a tropical garden, you will banana trees, orchids and many more.

Create the plants harmonization

To make it look attractive, select plants that vary. Choose plants of different sizes, types, or color so that the garden won’t be monotonous. The Colors can be obtained from the flowers or leaves. However, it is important to keep attention to the harmony of the garden, so that the garden looks neat and attractive.

Garden material selection

A garden doesn’t only consist of the plants. A beautiful garden should also be supported by hard objects such as pots, ponds, rocks, sand, or any other supports. This support section which is called the hardscape, will give a deeper impression in a garden. While the plants are called the softscape.

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