Kitchen Trends

This year brings an array of different and unique trending ideas for your Kitchen. Ever feel like simple just isn’t enough anymore? Then change it! That is what 2014’s all about.

Go for a mix of style strategies, it can be an eclectic mix with its straightforward architecture. You can work with soft backdrops, mushroom wall color and crisp white paint on shutters, or a free-spirited mix of furnishings and mirthful accents that would add to the beauty of this scheme.

Because skimpy kitchens were typical before but now the use of rustic furnishings and seasonal amenities bring in much more elegance to your kitchen.

If you want to go for the trending ‘Simply Serene’ scheme , then you need to focus on creating a mood-soothing room, stripping everything, the walls and floors and painting the walls white.

This would not only create more space but establish a relaxing atmosphere.

Minimal window treatments would accent architecture and welcome sunshine as an essential design element.

Apart from the eclectic and serene look the homey design is gaining a lot of popularity. These kitchens provide a fresh new appeal with their linens and laces.

Boasting original stained-glass windows, plaster crown moldings and mellow oak flooring. These kitchens speak of elegance and detail.