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Kitchen Island Design Ideas

You mainly focus on Kitchen Islands when you’re working with small space. Storage space is extremely crucial, especially in a kitchen.

The right gear at the right time hastens kitchen chores.

So the cardinal rule of convenience is: Store it close to where you use it- bake ware near ovens, cutlery near the chopping block, pots and pans near the cook top and table ware near the dishwasher.

One of the most perfect ways to increase storage space is using kitchen islands. It can also be called an island of efficiency since this work center can have cabinets which can be used to store small appliances.

Most of you, who are a fan of open storage, will be fond of kitchen islands because around a kitchen island, open storage adds visual appeal and keep essentials at hand. Overhead racks can also be made together for greater space.

If your kitchen is large and spacious then you can even place chairs around a kitchen island, making it the perfect place to have your breakfasts or morning coffee.

If you want your kitchen island to increase storage space then you can have wooden cabinets installed at the sides, otherwise it can be made of just marble as well.