Kitchen Design

Kitchen personality doesn’t come prepackaged; you have to build it in yourself. But sometimes, all the options seem overwhelming and confusing. You should always launch your kitchen redo with research, gathering ideas from magazines, books, model homes and building supply centers.

The kitchen designs focus on a more homey and comfortable vibe. It focuses on the more important things in a kitchen such as the storage space.

Gone are the days when decorating was all about luxury, now it’s about necessity as well. Whether your kitchen is a small gallery or a space large enough to hold 10 people, selecting storage is still often the biggest challenge.

That is why the kitchen design takes into consideration convenience, the cook’s specific needs, kitchen style and your tolerance for clutter and cleaning.

If you like clean counters and minimal clutter, closed or cabinet storage that stows gear and protects it from everyday slime is a good choice. But, if you like the colorful appeal of decorative kitchenware on display, opt for open shelving and overhead or wall-hung racks.

A kitchen island can add a lot of charm to your kitchen and around it open storage adds visual appeal and keeps essentials at hand. With a bit of ingenuity, you can easily maximize the space you have with buy-able storage accessories.

In your storage quest consider windows and walls as prime candidates for open storage. Put a no-view window to work by installing wooden shelves across the front.