Kitchen Design Trends

Sophistication and multifunction aside the kitchen is a place of home-styled amenities. It is one of the most neglected parts of the house as well.

Nowadays people tend to focus more on dining and bedrooms and overlook the kitchens, which is why the kitchens have started to be made smaller and are more cramped, as they are only seen as a place to cook.

This is why 2014’s kitchen trends focus on small spaced strategy. Often, the best kitchen designs come in compact spaces.

Whether you’re remodeling from scratch or just simply are polishing existing space, wise and thorough planning will help you get the most out of your kitchen.

Your goal is to design an appealing high performance kitchen which works for you and your family. To do this you should keep the colors simple.

Use a light palette and limit it to two or three tones, try to match the color of your cabinet, chairs and tables. Add a ready-made greenhouse window to invite light and impart depth to a wall.

Illusion can work magic in limited spaces. A slim working-and-eating counter can help a small kitchen which has a big window, look more spacious and retain its sunny disposition.

You can also reclaim underused space in closets, pantries, or porches beyond the kitchen perimeter.