Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

While decorating a Kitchen your first priority shouldn’t be the appliances, tiles, paint or the furniture. In fact, your first priority should be a layout that maximizes the efficiency of the space you have.

Here are some of the most common plans. The U-shape kitchen is ideal, with three walls of work space plus a dead-end to limit through traffic.

Even if the kitchen is large, keep the work core compact. The L-shape kitchen is an easy layout for a small area. Keep the work core near the corner. The corridor kitchen is prone to through traffic.

Place the sink and refrigerator on the wall opposite the range.

Try for extra wide aisles. The island kitchen adds an island to a U- or L-shape layout.

In an oversize kitchen, locate work centers in the island to keep the central work core compact and efficient; working islands can often double as eating counters, too.

The peninsula kitchen employs an angular peninsula to stretch space. This layout is flexible, defines traffic flow, and is a good option where wall space is limited.

Always remember that the single-wall kitchen is the last resort. Center the sink, with the range and refrigerator at opposite ends.