Kitchen Color Trends

When we talk about Kitchen color, we don’t mean a simple stroke of blackblue or green on the walls.

We’re talking about a color scheme which can harmonize the whole room and blend in the colors.

Sponging allows you to produce a fanciful wall finished with basic painting skills, so those of you who want to play it safe but at the same time want to have some technique as well; sponging s the method you should go for.

It’s created by dabbing paint onto a surface with a sponge; this easy technique can be used throughout a room, on an accent wall, or as a crowning touch for trim and woodwork. Sponging your kitchen walls is trending this season, it can create many different effects.

A wall with close, overlapping sponge marks adds subtle richness to a room. Widely spaced sponging with little or no overlap will produce a heavily textured, casual appearance.

Another look that many people are adopting this season is the combed walls. Combing, as the name suggests, is achieved by raking a toothed instrument through a wet topcoat of latex or oil-based paint or pre-tinted decorators glaze.

These designs work well with the neutral colored scheme using the lighter shades of blue, green and sea green. If you want to use these methods with brighter and bolder colors such as red, make sure that you’re working in a larger space.