Kitchen Color Trend

Kitchen Colors seem to be more colorful and vibrant than the last year interior color trend which is a bit dimmer and calmer. Since the last year has given many influences through many fields, such as fashions, technology, nature, music, pop culture and even social economy which are always in line with the architectural field.

In every kind of house concepts, the kitchen is always the same, it plays a crucial role in the stabilization of the life in a house. The modern interior concept has “promoted” the existence of the kitchen from which was once always isolated, always placed in the back part of the house into one of the most highlighted rooms. This is because the idea of the room merging between the kitchen and dining room too. The interior designers predict that the kitchen will be much more highlighted due to the kitchen colors.

The kitchen colors is believed to show many kinds of color palettes that will improve the last kitchen trend. As we widely know, the play of colors is one of the corrective and simple solutions to create a desirable nuance which can also show the personality of the homeowners.

Violet and its gradation are predicted to be the headlining kitchen colors. Because it’s a strong color that reflects tranquility, wisdom, honesty and kindness. Therefore, this color is best suited to be applied in the modern kitchen design.

However, there will be a few color palettes that will enliven the kitchen colors, which are :

1. Connective palette
This palette is influenced by the trend of the social media which creates variations of the new ideas. This palette combines bold colors and pastel colors that imply the energy, happiness and creativity.

2. Serenity palette
According to its name, this palette is meant to give tranquility and silence in order to calm the mind and to create spaces for new thoughts. This palette consists of dim colors such as grey and white.

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