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Kitchen Color Ideas

Color makes surfaces and furnishings visually advance or recede, first pinpoint your Kitchens positive and negatives.

Then decide on which elements to hide and which to highlight. If you have a long and narrow kitchen and want to give it some shape then you can paint the walls in advancing and receding colors.

For example, use a warm, dark hue on short end walls to coax them forward visually and use a soft white or light hue on long side walls to diminish their importance. Your furniture should complement the walls or vice versa.

Furniture, too, benefits from a color boost, Painted and stained finishes and fresh hued fabrics can revive and unify a kitchen, but choose one color to dominate the scheme.

Enhance the effect by extending the dark color down the wall. Always remember what types of colors are practical for your lifestyle?

Restful pastel may suit the kitchen and create a fun cooking environment, but the more darker shades can at times lead to a suffocating feeling and should be avoided until or unless you have a really large space to work with.