Kitchen Cabinet Color Decorating Ideas

The imagination. That’s what it takes to help you renovate your old boring kitchen. It won’t cost too much if you depend more on your imagination and creativity. All it takes is the right play of color. But, narrow it. It’s not for the entire kitchen. So, why don’t you point your finger to the kitchen cabinet?

Yes, kitchen cabinet is one of the biggest furniture in the kitchen along with the kitchen set or dining table (if any). Therefore, the presence of it, either by its shape and color, gives a real contribution to the atmosphere creation in the kitchen. If you intend to remodel your kitchen, you can start by changing the kitchen cabinet color. Of course, you can paint it with any color you like, but there are some favorite palettes that can incorporate your kitchen cabinet; neutral and bold.

Neutral palette

Since the minimalist design is the most popular architectural design today, it vines down to all aspects of the architectural elements, especially the color application. The neutral palette, which usually consists of white, gray and black, is one of the most matched color application for the kitchen cabinet. If you prefer white or gray, you will find a clean and more spacious kitchen, but you have to be ready that these colors clearly show dirts or stains. Meanwhile, black could potentially make your cabinet seem so modern and sharp, but it will also make it look flat and unshaped.

Bold palette

Bold palette features orange, blue and red. This color palette is suitable for you who want to make your kitchen look very vibrant and cheerful, because as an accent color, bold-colored kitchen cabinet can be the focal point. Therefore, it would be better if the kitchen dominant color is the neutral tone.

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