Kitchen Bar, Counter & Stools Design Ideas

For an eclectic look, go with the popular country-styled horseshoe-shaped island with a sweeping countertop. This plan not only allows you for situating a stylish bar setting but also allows for a bird-eyes view to the kitchen preparation area.

Adding stools to one side of the kitchen can simply be a smart move towards having a casually available dining space in any time of the day.

If you’re looking for extra spacing, then it’s equally important to choose the right kind of stools in the sitting space. Popular in the market are stools of metal or wooden material that’ll allow for a modern and rustic look respectively.

Growing in demand is the leather-cased stool; which are not only comfortable in nature but also have spill friendly and stain-resistant fabric available.

Beverage center in your kitchen space creates your daily life entertaining. Kick back with your family and friends in a classical kitchen with elements gathered on one wall and a vividly aesthetic bar in the center

Backless stools are in popularity these days; with its multi-purpose functionality providing comfort and an aesthetic touch to the kitchen.A beautiful and attractive bar features boards from wine crates decorating the bar space. A handy rail incorporated below the shelf space can store stylish glasses. Separate your food preparation area from a mahogany bar which anchors only one part of the kitchen.