Kids Room Colour Design

Selecting the right colors for your Kids’ Room can be a tough decision because you want the room to look pretty and not too sophisticated for a child at the same time.

Paint the walls a light shade of green and add a large lower border of Portland orange flowers on top of buds, stems and long grass painted in a darker shade of green to get a fresh look. It looks cute and tidy at the same time.

For a cooler look, try painting the walls white and the accent wall pale green. Add the same colour cabinets to the accent wall and finish off with a shamrock green rug in the middle with pale green floor cushions and a bookshelf the same color as the rug for one of the white walls.

The overall effect is soothing to the eyes and looks beautiful.

If you’re seeking something for your child who’s still in the early ears, paint the walls a very light blue color. Color the accent wall two shades darker and add to it a bright rainbow with two fluffy white clouds.

Prop up a Palatinate blue shelf next to the accent wall and a bright orange cart to hold the toys.

Choose the best color contrast for kids room, it will give an amazing and attractive feeling to the viewers.