Kids Bedroom Color Wisdom

Scientists have conducted endless research on the impact color has on our emotions and bodies . Color’s impact is especially noticeable in children who can be even more sensitive to it. Pick a color that will meld smoothly with your child’s personality.

Red has an energizing affect on both the body and the mind. However, research has shown that too much exposure to red can cause aggressive behavior and inability to focus. If your child is slightly restless, red is excellent as an accent, but not ideal for a room color.

range is a warm, youthful color that is great for children’s bedrooms. It is said to encourage confidence, extroversion, and independence.

Yellow is most frequently associated with happiness and cheerfulness. Scientists agree, also pairing this bright color with motivation. Soft yellows can help with concentration, while brighter ones can increase memory. Be careful using too much bright yellow, as it can be overwhelming.

Green is a natural color that has a soothing affect on children and adults alike. Due to its calming nature, green is also thought to improve children’s reading comprehension. There is no need to minimize this anxiety-reducing color.

Although it’s usually associated with feminine spaces, pink has a calming feel that can translate to both sexes. Children tend to grow out of too much pink quickly, so try not to overwhelm the room with it.