Japanese House Garden Design Types

The house garden design gives many benefits to the home occupants. It doesn’t only beautify the exterior design of the house, it only enhances the air quality of the home which finally can also improve the health of the home occupants.

There are many house garden design concepts that you can choose. But, the Japanese home garden concept is one of the most often chosen by home owners throughout the world due to its simplicity and elegance which can perfectly match the today’s minimalist home design. However, although you don’t apply the minimalist design as the concept of your house, the Japanese home concept will always give a sophisticated aesthetic aspect to your home.

The Japanese house garden design is classified into four types ; the water, the natural, the stone, the tea, and the flat garden.

1. The water garden

The biggest version of all. Therefore, it can contain many kinds of plants of the other garden types. This Japanese home garden design is characterized by the presence of the pond and the water stream like a waterfall or fountain, and integrated with a moon bridge (a curved bridge above the pond).

2. The natural garden

This Japanese home garden design is designed in such a way to blend with the surrounding environment. It makes this garden type as sort of a shelter for many kinds of animals like birds, rabbits, or squirrels.

3. The stone garden

It was founded in the Muromachi era which reflects the Zen philosophy and usually used by the monks for the meditation. This Japanese home garden design is principally surrounded by beautifully decorated walls.

4. The tea garden

This Japanese garden design is highly related to the Japanese tea ceremony. This garden type consists of two parts; the inner and the outer part. The inner part is the private garden for the tea ceremony, while the outer part is the guest’s waiting room.

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