Interior Design Furniture Ideas

People argue, it’s the exterior and the outer look of the house that matters, incorrect!! It’s the Interior that makes the difference and the moment someone steps inside your house, that difference get’s quite evident. The interior makes your house elegant, stylish and the perfect bold touch it requires.

Everyone today wants comfort in their living room, to impress the guests or satisfy themselves. A modern low height leather sofa is the ideal choice and the most trendy accompanied by two stylish square wooden side tables.

The comfortable sofa encourages proper posture (something that people who work from home can usually use some help with) but also keeps you wired and connected. There is an integrated USB charger, a built-in electrical socket and a Duracell Powermat to keep your mobile device charged up.

Walking into someone’s office, the first thing that often strikes us is that person’s choice of furniture. A run-of-the-mill desk just won’t do for someone who is seen as a powerful, thoughtful and design-minded individual.

The Goggle Desk  is exactly what that individual needs. Optional modesty panels, drawers and doors allow for further customization.

Though no matter how it is painted, finished or accessorized, the Goggle Desk is one that can not possibly fail to evoke a positive reaction in lovers of chic office design.

The Clapperboard series of Shelves combats the problem of ugly, bulky storage furniture by turning shelves into something a little more sleek, a little more streamlined and – dare we say it? – a little more sexy. The idea is simple: when you don’t need to store anything on the Clapperboard shelves, they fold up flat.