Interior Design

Interior Design DIY

Your Interior Designing is the focal point for your house. Try the new trending elements that have stormed the market. Your wallpaper decorations could be organized and embellished with a certain decorum which would radiate neatness and peace.

If you love eclectic and diverse themes, never leave your space empty and go for filling every necessary space with a unique and interesting piece of artwork. Painting your walls with a vibrant color is the call of the New Year.

DIY initial start is from wallpaper designing. Textures and patterns could be ignored for the moment if you’re not a professional at it.

Go for contrasting your drapery and couches with the walls. in your kids bedroom, a brilliant decor is through placing blackboards and soft boards that could accommodate pinned paintings and important class works.

In your home, you would have noticed how the lighting is monotonous as ever and looks conventional in every angle.

Hire an electrician and start under lighting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Layering rugs is an important technique to follow because of its attractive and versatile designs. to follow this eclectic theme go for placing beaded mats and even a colorful vintage looking chandelier at the top of the coffee table above.