Interesting Bedroom Ideas

An antique Sari, Zebra rug, custom bedding with embroidered bed sheets, curved marble side tables and graphical wallpaper creates an interesting eclectic sensation like never before. Integrate this theme with industrial styled floor-to-ceiling windows for a marvelous combination.

Your dream home could have a giant bedroom with an entrance that is interesting at the extreme. Opening at the backyard this gigantic bedroom has a bi-fold door to create a sense of drama and brilliance.

A bedroom that has a neutral palette could incorporate aesthetic modern features featuring a console at the end of the bed which has TV that rises up electrically. Custom cutwork within lamps and a wooden backsplash to the bed could create an extreme interesting atmosphere.

Floral prints and country styled décor combination has become extremely interesting because when traditional feelings mix with cheery designs; perfection is generated. Custom bed sheets and drapery inspired by floral prints could be complemented by tri-framed photographs of your favourite flowers.

Combining the color of slate, lemon and cloud could create a wonderful interesting impression where rich slate upon the walls could complement the cloud colouring bed frames that harbours lemon colored oversized cushions.

The modern scheme of making your bedroom feel more interesting by the addition of an Aquarium just in the corners maintains the essence of grace and elegance.

With bright sky blue ceilings and cool white drapery; integrate warm oak within the floors and the bed headboards for an everlasting brilliant touch.