Inspiration For Small Kitchen Interior Ideas

You can maximize the small area in the kitchen by applying the right type of small kitchen interior ideas. People are totally confused when they have to adorn the small area in cooking space. The limited space forces you to use simple and small pieces of decoration.

Some people avoid the placement of furniture because it prevents them to move freely. If you face such problem, you are not alone. Many people living in a tiny house face the same problem. The best thing to do is picking the sleek and slim furniture pieces.

The space saving solution can be achieved if you place the ladder back chairs with a small round table. If you cannot place a kitchen island, it is totally okay. As an alternative, you can set a butcher block furniture. It offers you with more affordable feature but can carry the same function. Color also brings dramatic effect in the small kitchen interior ideas. If your existing kitchen is accented by using dark color, you need to repaint it in lighter color. You can opt for butter yellow, lavender, sage green or even pastel blue. Combining color is a nice great choice. You can combine blue and white, red and yellow or even white and black.

The light color should be the main palette, while the dark one is the supporting accent. The dark corner should be accented with lighter color to bring spacious feel in the area. You can also bring more light by opening the window in the morning. Hanging some pendant light on the kitchen island is also a great spot to make it larger. If you want to carry bright appearance in the room, you can install recessed lighting. If you want to accentuate the space feel in the small kitchen interior ideas, you can install some under cabinet lightings.

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