Interior Design

Indian Interior Design Ideas

Indian heritage is one of the most famous cultures known to the humanity because of its diversity and lively colors.

Designing your house with Indian-styled designs can be a wonderful way to remember your childhood memories and feel the nostalgic wave pass through you.

A brilliant foyer can be a smart approach towards revealing what’s inside your house. Embellish it with a decorative screen giving a false impression of wood carving however in reality is wood-grain self-adhesive paper garnished with stenciled Indian stars sliced out with a knife. Fix LED lighting behind the screen for highlighting its true beauty

Coordinate dark brown cabinets and storage units with other dark shaded elements in the room.

In your living room remodel your boring and dull walls with textured wallpapers highlighting Indian designs and install custom-built shelves to exploit the space on each side of the fireplace.

Let your electronic appliances be fitted within new storage units for bringing out a neat and tidy appearance of the room.

Indian styled luxury bedrooms can be an exotic approach towards designing. Turn your boring bedroom into a luxury retreat through remodeling your bedroom characterized by; the gold and white marble floor laid in chevron pattern to the lavishly adorned walls.