Indian-Inspired Bedroom Interior Design

Indian bedroom interior design has a very artistic and distinct feel. The rich of color application and fabrics are the principle things why this interior style is loved by many people. Just like the Japanese and Chinese interior design, the Indian interior design has a thousand of years’ development. Until now, this style is widely applied, not only in the Indian region, but also throughout the world.

The bedroom is one of the best rooms to be integrated with Indian bedroom interior design due to its exotic and warmth which can make the occupants feel at ease to take a rest in the bedroom. There are three elements to present a typical Indian interior design into your bedroom ; the color, fabrics, and sculptures.


The Indian bedroom interior design is identical with a vibrant play of color. But, it doesn’t mean to have such a tacky atmosphere in the bedroom. By applying a right color application in your Indian bedroom, you’ll feel its warmth and also its spirit. Choose bright colors like red or yellow for the walls, while the floor is recommended to apply the parquet flooring, so that the combination of bright color and the earthy color can spice up the bedroom.


The Asian interior design is always rich of the fabrics, especially the Indian interior design. Indian is well known as one of the world’s biggest fabric manufacturers. Therefore, they don’t just take benefit it for the fashion, but also in the interior design. The Indian bedroom interior design utilizes many kinds of Indian traditional fabrics like the famous Sari and silks as the main upholstery or wall hangings materials.


The common Indian home always has a few sculptures in a form of the gods and goddess statues as the interior accessory. This gives such a brilliant idea in embellishing the Indian bedroom interior design. However, keep it simple and don’t put too many statues in order to keep the interior uncluttered.

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