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Indian Home Design

Incorporate contemporary theme with the exquisite heritage of Indian culture and get acquainted to the spiced up ethnicity of India.

Summon curry color to your room and contemporary focal points for further brilliance. Spice up your walls with Indian ornaments and artwork.

Modern furniture is the right choice to go in the midst of the Indian wallpapers and decorations; and place them beside the fireplace in a group conversation strategy.

Give your fireplace a beautiful makeover by ocher-colored paint onto the plaster wall and then applying a concrete sealer. Arranging floating shelves and adorning them with your favorite Indian accessories can emboss the whole living room.

Treat your windows with brilliant mahogany-colored wooden shades, and further embellish its beauty by hanging traditional colorful curtains. This combination would surely spice up the area and add an inviting feeling.

Have an exquisite Indian approach towards designing your backyard. Reflection of Indian heritage is a must hence don’t forget to research upon Indian lifestyle and choose what suits you the most! Rustic wooden furniture embellished with red embroidered pillows and handmade beaded carpets would certainly reflect the Mughal era lifestyle.

Install a water fountain between the lawn to add serenity and calmness in the atmosphere.