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15 Wack-Tasticly Wild Rooms

Sunday, October 6th 2013. | Home Design

There’s no doubt that it takes some design courage to pull these rooms off. It’s hard to believe someone was creative enough to even think these up. One things for sure, they’re all a treat to look at.

This kitchen is flirty and fun. It’s rare to find wall paper in kitchens, especially one of a pink floral print. The neon pink cabinetry and area rug just add to the party.

Morocco meets retro in this funky living room. The Moroccan furniture pieces and lighting fixtures in retro colors, and with retro prints create an unforgettable style combo.

This icy bathroom is dramatic and chilling. The warm red surrounding what looks like cracked ice is unique and eye-catching.

This living room literally looks like it has a tree growing in it. The moss-covered shelves, ferns, and aquarium stand crafted out of twigs complete this forest living room.

This dining room is covered head to toe in color. The royal blue and deep maroon combined with lime green give the room an elegant look with flare.

This home bar will have you feeling like you’re in the wild. The large collection of tax taxidermy animals is certainly unforgettable…and to be honest…slightly frightening.

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