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In The Spotlight: Elegant Netherlands Flat

This elegant apartment, located in the Netherlands, was designed by Remy Meijers. It is simple, and elegant, with a few accents that give it a touch of character.

The apartment building is actually a former boy’s boarding school. The exterior has been maintained, but the interior has been completely re-furbished.

The simple design of the living room is simple and elegant. The fireplace serves as the focal point, with a single interesting statue drawing your eye up. The contrast of the white wall with black bookshelf also helps to draw attention to the fireplace mantel.

Simple, unfinished wooden accents adorn the apartment. The designer placed three small carved wooden stools in place of a coffee table. The stools still serve a functional purpose, and add a unique design element at the same time.

The overall design of the apartment is very minimal. Notice that all of the walls are white, and all of the furniture and carpeting is of neutral tones.

The kitchen is simple and elegant, with a sleek stainless steel island. The kitchen is also rather high tech, with an espresso machine actually built in to the wall.

A simple, black, old-fashioned bath tub is in essence the bulk of the bathroom. There are no frills, or splashes of color. Just a crisp clean look.