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How To Make Your Living Room Rustic

The rustic look is a beautiful one, but hard to balance. Where do you draw the line between rustic, and stuffed animal museum? Between classy and cowboy? Well we have arranged some examples to give you the general idea of how to design a beautiful rustic living room of your own.


1.Dark wood, brick, and leather are signature materials for a rustic design.

2. Heavy furniture is a great addition to a rustic room.



3. Leather and animal skin are decorations that you find mostly in rustic settings.

4. Check out the fitting color combinations and themed simply furniture in this room. The house itself has a rustic design.



5. The small leather couch gives the whole small living room a rustic touch.



6. A dark fireplace in a room definitely can add a rustic vibe.

7. Rustic design does not mean contemporary. Those terms are mutually exclusive. Check out this example:


For more examples, check out our photo gallery below!